Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I learned about myself today.

Today I googled "Loni."

I found out some new things about myself.

I am a place.

"Louisiana has made great investments through the creation of LONI."
also, "The institute uses LONI to drive research and education"
I had no idea!!

This is another Loni that has a blog.

And then there was a bunch of crap about Loni Anderson.
Mostly, I'm excited that I am a place in India.

But, I emailed Ty and told him that I am a place, and this is what he said back,
"you're only 49% literate, and you are also a dwarf from Lord of the Rings."
Kinda burst my bubble. Thanks Bud.

The End.


Cali and Chris said...

I learned that you are 54% male and 46% female. how's that for bursting your bubble!?

jhjonze said...

I love this post and it makes me miss you!

collins and amy said...

Hey Loni!
This is your long lost cousin AMy from missouri! I just found your blog! It's very cute but random! But i just wanted to say hi! Take care!

Tammy Faye said...

I Loni.....haven't heard about you lately so I decided to visit your blog....I am glad that you found yourself! Hope the job and school are going well for you.

Ty Pilcher said...

Ha, sorry. I did consider telling you your male/female ratio, but I decided not to. Cali seems to have done it anyway though...