Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hammer Pants, Ice Party, and Keytar

Love You Long Time, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice are coming to the McKay events center this october! Who would have ever thought? Best news all day (except Ty-bud's story about running over his computer)-- I am in heaven! And tickets are only 15 dollars or so the rumors say!!!! I love my life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A real job!

It's official! I interviewed last Wednesday for a graphic design position. I will be designing for the Public Relations and Marketing office and Admissions office at Utah State! On Thursday we had a ribbon cutting and name plate unveiling before we went out to lunch for JonAnn's last day.

It was really official. Here are the pictures to prove it...

The moment of the unveiling.

Ribbon Cutting

The whole office (almost).

Did I mention the job title also includes Vanna White skills?

And it wouldn't be complete without the "grab and grin."... I think that's what it's called...

Friday, May 2, 2008

I made a blog.

So, I am supposed to be packing and moving and cleaning my apartment, because I move to a new house tomorrow. But for some reason I'm sitting on Morg's bed listening to her and Tamara fight about Morgan using words like "vay-cay." and so I decided to start a blog! So, here it is, the Lon Blog. It seemed like the cool thing to do.

And then I wanted to put a picture on my blog. but since my camera is downstairs, and Morgan's Family is way too entertaining to go down there and get it, I decided to search through my old pictures on my camera and just choose one of those. Now they are talking about Heath Ledger and how playing the part of the Joker drove him insane so he had to OD.

So, anyway, back to my picture. I found a picture of my fish's grave. RIP Neil. Neil was actually not my fish, he belonged to my friend Matt Bury. Matt gave me his two fish, Neil and Gill to take care of when he went on his mission. I took care of them for 6 months (that is WAY good for two goldfish!). And then he died. So last spring semester Halie and I took a spoon out of the drawer in the kitchen, and buried Niel in the dirt by the fence inbetween Pineview and Garden Court. We had a funeral. We even played Taps. (side note: Neil is named after Neil Diamond). And it was really sad. I really actually felt remorse that I didn't keep Matt's fish alive until he came back from his mission. So long story short, Neil and Gill really hadn't been the same fish for 6 months. They had already died and Matt had replaced them right before he left on his mission and I didn't even know. I felt deceived.

(now Tamara is getting mad at Morg for saying "P.S.")