Monday, September 22, 2008

I DEFINITELY have problems!

So, at work just barely, I was emailing this person that I don't even know and have only emailed 1 or 2 times about some letterhead. She had laid it out and sent it to me for approval. I didn't like the way it looked, so I decided to forward it to my co-worker, Sarah, to get her opinion.

BUT, because I try to work at a speed that isn't healthy, I accidently hit, "reply" instead of "forward."

SO, thinking that I was replying to my good friend, I sent this message:

"Do you like the way this looks? I have problems making decisions."

and sent it.

So, I just told a complete stranger that "I have problems making decisions."

And I am sure on the other end that she thought, "You have more problems then that!"

But then she replied something very kind and pretended that I wasn't a psycho or anything. How kind of her.


Tom said...

:D It could have been much worse, like "This is all wrong!" or "I didn't have a clean pair of socks this morning." I don't remember if i've sent an email to the wrong person before, but if I ever do I sure hope it reads something like that.