Monday, June 30, 2008

"I've had worse sores..."

I got hit in the face with a Frisbee yesterday. I am currently 2 of 2. I have played frisbee twice this summer. I have been hit in the face each time. I think it's time to put the frisbee on the shelf for the year. or forever.

I am publishing this picture so that you may all see that horrific mark it left on my nose. Note the green circle and arrow that I have added to the picture so that my sad scratch can't be missed. Ok, it isn't that bad, but it did bleed for a few seconds!

All growing up my dad used to say this phrase, "I've had worse sores right between my eyes!" So, this one is for you dad! Go ahead, say it. (Actually, Mom, go get Dad and tell him to read my blog so the he can say it. Thanks Mom!) I know it's only a wimpy scratch. You have had worse!

Also notice my mile long To-Do List on the whiteboard in the background of the picture, with none of the squares checked off. I wonder why...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One week 'til my birthday

Dear World (aka the 5 or so people who read my blog),

I am quickly approaching my 21st birthday. It is one week from tomorrow, on July the 3rd. In reference to my birthday, my mother always likes to tell the story about how her and I watched fireworks from the hospital after I was born. That's why I have changed my blog layout to have a little picture of fireworks in the background. Plus, I just like fireworks.

So- back to the topic of my 21st birthday. I feel like I should be doing something crazy to celebrate my last week of my life as a twenty year old. Instead, I'm... blogging. oh well.

So, basically this is a blog about nothing. I keep on writing, though.

So. Let's see how many paragraphs I can begin with the word "So" without realizing it. Oh, three!

Maybe instead of doing something crazy in commemoration of my birthday I should have a little reflection on the last 20 years of my life.

It was good.

The end for today!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I feel like a million bucks.

I don't have any exact reasons, but I feel like a million bucks. I go through phases. I'm never not generally happy. But sometimes I feel extra good about my life and myself. Right now is one of those times. I am very thankful for everything in my life-- my family, friends, my job, my cute plants that sit on my front porch, my ghetto blue house, my aggie blue bike, my japanese eggplant that I accidentally bought, and those fluffy clouds that were in the sky today, that I got to spend the afternoon outside at the lake today, Morgan's headstands, and pretty much everything else.

Right now Morgan and I are sitting on our beds that we made in my living room and blogging. We went to a show earlier and saw a few of our friends play (good job adam and jordan, I especially liked their song called "plunge"). Then we ditched out on a campiing trip, planned a campfire in my backyard, cancelled a campfire in my back yard, had story time/show and tell in the living room which included walmart stickers, extra-high-slit skirts (volleyball accident), back bends, songs about Zazarra (Tennile's made up word for the hair that grows on the back of your neck), Box Elder/Fire bugs, and Elbows that bend in ways they definitely shouldn't, and then after getting so much done today, Morgan and I decided that we would wrap up the day with some blogging while we sit next to each other. So here we are... but now I'm definitely falling asleep...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Girl.

It's official. I'm a big girl now. My mother has kicked me off of the family health insurance (and she decided to inform me in a text message, no less!), I haven't lived at home for more then two years now, I get announced as a visitor in Sunday School class every time I go to my home ward, I am just weeks away from my 21st birthday, I own a crock-pot, and I bought my first ever car!! Yes, that's right, I bought a car. A 2007 Nissan Sentra. It's adorable. (see pic below so that you can agree.)

I am driving down to Salt Lake tomorrow night so that I can pick it up. Now I just need a name for it!