Friday, August 8, 2008

If I knew how...

If I knew how to make my own blog layout and make it work, I imagine I would make it look something like this... Instead I just design fake blogs and then make incoming freshman tell me their goals so that I can fake-post them on the blog! I love my job... :)

Fortunately, I am taking a web/flash class this coming semester (school starts on the 25th... where has the summer gone?!), so maybe in a few months I really will know how to publish my own blog layouts!

Lastly, I think It is appropriate that since I am making the new students post their goals, I should post a few of mine... but first I will send ten of then to Sarah, let her edit them, cut out the 5 that are most lame, re-write them, make them better, make me sound more ambitious then I am, and then I will post them... or I might just go through all the incoming freshman's goals that she has already gone through that process with, and steal the goals of theirs that sound pretty fun to me. Either say, stay tuned! My goals are going to come soon!


4 Reale said...


send em over!

jhjonze said...

Loni! I love you and I miss you! PS. This is Heather McMurdie Jones, just so I don't freak you out!