Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creative Block

Things I do at work when I need a break and can't work any longer:
-check all three of my emails.
-check facebook.
-check facebook again.
-facebook spy when I don't have any more notifications.
-check google reader and read the blogs of the fam.
-start reading random people's blogs.
-read the Herold Journal online news.
-chew gum.
-chew a new piece of gum.
-try to find the top of my desk under all the papers.
-clean all the random file off my computer desktop.
-water my plant.
-gmail chat cali.
-research the design of other universities.
-reseach random website's design.
-go talk to sarah.
-last resort: blog.


4 Reale said...

Um, I am literally your second to last resort. I am last, after me is your last resort.


Cali and Chris said...

What!!?? You check facebook and check facebook AGAIN before you gmail chat with me? Now I know what those long pauses are for in the conversation. Or is that when you are throwing your first piece of gum away and unwrapping your new piece? Well... I'm just happy I made the list!
Love you Lons!

Loni said...

JSYK it wasn't really in order... ok so facebook does come first, and blogging last, but everything in the middle is just mixed up in there!