Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Pictures

I have been really lazy lately and haven't uploaded pictures from my camera for about a month, until now. So, I just picked a few of the random things on my camera to highlight...

Ty-Bee graduated from high school! I was so proud of him.

Crystal and Dave at SOAR. How adorable.
I'm still new to blogging and don't know how to make the picture rotate.

I hand picked these last three out of a series of about 50 pictures that were on my camera, taken by Kaleb! Joel and Tammy and their kids came and stayed with me at my house in Logan (aka the blue cottage bed and breakfast) while Joel had a booth at the arts festival up here. Kaleb got a hold of my camera one night and went crazy taking pictures. It was really cute. There are about ten of that dinosaur!

My dear friend, Noelle, whom I shared a room with (and practially a bed as well) got married. It was a way pretty reception!

I went boating with the ward, here I am wakeboarding.

I unsuccessfully attempted to do a flip.

JB and Brian on the shore of the lake. JB is rockin my aviators-- which he broke when he hit me in the face with a frisbee!!

I picked up my 15 year old cousin, Abby, from EFY and took her boating with my singles ward. She was getting hit on right and left! it was hilarious!! We thought the braces would be a dead give away of her age. I guess not.

Oh, cousinly love. How adorable.


Tennile said...

I like your pictures! You are so beautiful :)

Cali and Chris said...

Loni, Loni, Loni. Great post. So creative. Kaleb has a definite future in photography. Great subjects, don't you think? Funny thing is, I had a picture of your feet on my camera that we took for an art class and it was almost identical to the one Kaleb took. Crazy!

Joel Pilcher said...

Nice wakeboarding pics. Seriously... why don't you pull anything like that when your out with me? Way cool.