Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm SOARing. Flying. There's not a star in heaven that I can't reach...

Ok. Sorry for that cheesy intro. I just couldn't help it, what with Troy Bolton on the mind (Shout-out to Geoffrey!! haha) and being at SOAR today-- it seemed appropriate.

Another side note: my roommates last year were in love with "high school musical." It seemed like everytime that I walked into our living room they were watching it. That's how I know the lyrics, I swear!

Ok, I am finally getting around to the point of my blog today. I decided I need to talk about SOAR. SOAR stands for Student Orientation, Advising and Regristration. I am on this thing called the "A-Team" (Inspired by, but not the same as the 70's TV show, which i have never seen). On 12 separate days during the summer students come up to Utah State and get oriented to the University, and I get to help them. My responsibilities during the day include but are not limited to: teaching students how to set up their aggiemail accounts for two hours every morning, fetching sarah bagels, giving a really boring presentation about how to register, pay fees, buy parking passes, etc. to a group of about ten students an hour and a half (I had a student fall asleep once), emptying garbages during lunch, helping students register for classes, becoming an unoffical advisor when the students actual advisor didn't tell them what to take, and (my favorite) setting up the aggie ice cream. Setting up the aggie ice cream is by far my favorite part of SOAR days. Dave Nugget and I are the lucky individuals who were given this responsibility every SOAR day. After lunch we get to sanitize the tables, and take the ice cream scoops to the hub where the send them thru that really hot high pressure dishwasher thing. We also get to have some one-on-one Dave and Loni time, which we call "freezer talk," were we counsel each other about life's problems while we are in the walk-in freezer. Most importantly, we get to pick the ice cream flavors that are served that day. With a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility. Its harder then you think to pick a just three flavors of aggie ice cream to serve and try to please everyone. What we usually try to do is pick a chocolately flavor, a fruity one, and then either aggie blue mint or a vanilla based flavor. People get very passionate about there ice cream flavors. Sometimes when we don't pick well enough there is a huge line at the aggie bluemint bucket and no one is wanting any toffee crunch or lemon custard. It's harder then you would think. That's why Dave and I were trusted with the coveted ice-cream-set-up-job. GO AGGIES!

Oh ps-- I forgot to mention the real best reason why I like being on the A-Team: All the great friends that I have made who are on the A-Team too! They are some of the best people I know!


Morgan said...

#1 I am one of those roommates who was obsessed with high school musical..
#2 I think there is more that goes on in that freezer with Dave than what Loni is spilling out..
#3 I am one of those wannabe A-team members that is always around, hovering over the food and ice cream.
#4 Lon, you do a great job with picking the flavors! I always have a favorite when you guys dish it up.
#5 I love SOAR just as much as you do! And I do not get paid for being there.. (You should talk to Lisa about getting me a few bucks here and there)

Tammy Faye said...

The fun times of USU. Just remember it is very helpful to the new students as well as their parents who no nothing about how to get started as a freshman. You are very helpful!!! I wish Morgan was an A teamer as well....but oh well. Keep enjoying that Aggie ice cream!!!!